Shipment Solutions

A comprehensive Shipment Management Module by Shiptrix CRM helps the organization to administrate and execute shipment activities related to all orders. The prime aim of this module is to provide seamless shipment management service and maximize the returns on your transportation spent. It supports client by providing real time visibility on shipment status and serves client’s business decisions that drives cost savings.

Bulk Order Uplaod

Upload orders in bulk. Process your orders in minutes.

Intelligent Courier Selection

We select best carrier partner based on their ratings that are calculated on different metrics like: delivery SLAs, pickup SLAs and RTO.

Automated Delivery Updates

Reduce customer contacts by 20%. Customers are notified on each step of your shipment lifecycle.

Logistics Partner

Let experts take care of your end-to-end operations and logistics needs.

Privileged Customer Service

Single point resolution through dedicated account manager.

No Order Commitment

Ship any number of orders. Be it 10 or 10,000.

Shiptrix Services

1. Order Management

'Mr. G uploaded the orders, and the orders were delivered before the stipulated delivery date.'


The above-mentioned one-line explanation is the tip of the iceberg of our order management and bulk ordering services. The fact is order management is simple but not that simple as it sounds. Order management is a crucial step where everything from uploading the orders to delivery of orders should be done precisely.

What if the order is shipped but not delivered ? What is the status of returned orders ? Were they fake orders, or the delivery agent wasn't able to find the location? Now, should the returned orders be reassigned to a new agent, or refund should be processed ?

These are some crucial business decisions for which proper data is required. Shiptrix offers order management in an automated and simple manner. Where the merchants have to create their accounts and upload orders for delivery. Once the orders are uploaded, we will track the status of orders. Merchant's dashboard will clearly highlight orders in transit, fresh orders, returned orders, etc.

If the multiple orders are of the same shipping address, we will save time by combining the multiple orders and delivering them before time. But, if there are multiple items from various locations in a single order, we will split up the order into multiple deliveries to ensure seamless but timely delivery.

Our clients need not worry about label creation and tags on the order, as our quick label maker will handle it for you. All the orders will be personalised based on the client's requirements and branding. Once the order is out for delivery, our merchants can track the orders and can get real-time updates. Lastly, we also offer the option to edit the order if there is a change in address and product change.

2. Intelligent Courier Selection

'Multiple Shipping Partners for seamless shipping.'

The right shipping partner will fast track the delivery resulting in a reduced RTO rate and contributing towards customer satisfaction. When it comes to e-commerce selling, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Competitive pricing and agile product delivery are two important points that can make you stand out of the bottleneck competition. There Shiptrix has created a diverse courier library to choose the correct delivery partner as per your requirement.

Choosing an ideal delivery partner requires research, and one needs to consider various factors like delivery SLA's, performance report, pick-up SLA's, pricing, RTO and NDR rate, etc. Researching and evaluation take time, so we took it upon ourselves to find a trusted, verified, and dynamic channel partner with PAN India Presence. As a result, we have tie-ups with more than fifteen delivery partners that deliver even in remote areas. In addition, Shiptrix offers shipping services at a competitive price less than the prevailing market price.The benefit of multiple shipping partners is to give operational autonomy and control back to the merchant.

Intelligent Courier Selection
Fastest delivery

Why rely on a single delivery company when you have multiple options? For example, bulk orders can be delivered on time by assigning them to multiple shipping channels. On the other hand, assigning a bulk order to a single company can delay orders due to multiple pin codes. Still, with multiple shipping agents, we can expect the fastest delivery leading to customer satisfaction.

Delivery in remote Pin Codes

Not all delivery agents have a PAN India presence, and even if they have, they may not cover certain remote Pin Codes. Opting for multiple shipping partners helps in reaching even the remote areas and lifting up geographical barriers. In addition, it will help increase the client base as now your product can be delivered anywhere, leading to increased sales.

Competitive Pricing

Merchants get the advantage of comparing and choosing the delivery partner with fair pricing. Sticking to one delivery partner may increase the shipping cost, especially in bulk orders. However, opting for a mix will help spread the shipping cost between multiple delivery channels and yield benefits from flexible pricing.

Reduced RTO and NDR

Ultimately, merchants want to reduce losses due to failed deliveries. Multiple shipping partners will reduce the RTO rate as the delivery will now be possible in every pin code.

3. Automated Delivery Updates

'Detailed shipping insights will help in better decision making.'

Automated Delivery Updates

Today, online buyers can track the status of shipment. They know where the package is and when it will be delivered to the mentioned delivery address. Now imagine if merchants could also get delivery updates and track shipments?

Tracking orders has become crucial for merchants to ensure orders are not lost in transit or delayed. Every day merchants incur unnecessary expenses because either the order was returned to the origin or the product was damaged in transit, or it was a fake order. With our cloud-based CRM, merchants will gain visibility and control over their orders, helping them make better decisions.

Imagine a situation, you have uploaded a bulk order which is ready for shipment. But, while the order is in transit, 20% of the items are returned. Won't it be a huge loss to you and lead to customer dissatisfaction?

With Shiptrix, track orders at every mile to know which shipping company is performing the best, ascertain the time taken by each shipping partner, and evaluate the expenses incurred due to non-delivery of order or loss in transit.

It will help you make a calculative decision for future shipments.Detailed shipping insights will also help in providing a better customer experience. For example, customer support will communicate with the delivery agent in case of a change in address or guide him if the agent cannot find the location. Also, the buyers will be updated about the package status.

4. Privileged Customer Service

'A satisfied customer is the by-product of quick deliveries and a robust back-end support.'

If you don't want to lose your customers, keep them informed and offer personalized services. For example, imagine you get a call to update your status stock available in the warehouse. Won't it help you plan further procurement of products? Yes, it will. Similarly, when a customer gets regular updates on his product, he will be assured that it's on the way.

Our proficient and reliable customer care team is available to settle the queries and doubts of the merchants. Be it an order-related query or weight or shipping or software-related, we are here to resolve your issues. Our team will track your orders, check your back-end and even contact the shipping company in case of delays or obstacles in delivery. With Shiptrix customer care services, you can stay assured our turnaround time won't be more than a day, and we will come up with a definite solution.

In addition, Shiptrix offers shipping services at a competitive price less than the prevailing market price.The benefit of multiple shipping partners is to give operational autonomy and control back to the merchant.

Privileged Customer Service

Often the merchants are not well acquainted with the software and find the application challenging even after checking out training modules. Our support team will connect with you and give you a step-by-step solution to ensure your account is created and is working smoothly within minutes. Another challenge for the merchants is the lack of logistical know-how. If you are facing issues to understand the logistics, then don't worry; our trained team of experts with a background in e-commerce and logistics will guide you at every step.

We aim to deliver all solutions under a single roof. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure minimal discrepancies in order management, shipping, and delivery of orders. In addition, our AI-enabled customer is available round the clock to serve you and ensure all the deliveries are on time so that the RTO rate is reduced by 20-25%

5. No Order Commitment

'No restraints or constraints on shipping commitments.'

No Order Commitment

Shiptrix is software for E-commerce giants selling bulk orders daily and budding retailers or social media sellers selling a single product. The idea behind creating Shiptrix was to provide quality services to all kinds of sellers. So, the first thing was to eliminate minimum order restrictions, which is a major pain point of many small sellers and E-retailers.

"Be it a single order or 500 orders across the country, we are here to fulfill your shipping needs with our agile delivery services" - Roshan Bhatt, Founder Shiptrix

Its true Shiptrix is not only a CRM to strengthen and automate back-end operations of the e-commerce merchants. It is also a delivery channel providing competitive rates with a commitment to the No Minimum Order Policy .

We support no minimum order policy because it's in favor of merchants and their buyers. A merchant regains control of shipment and can decide whether to send or not. Often, fraudulent buyers keep placing orders and returning orders which is difficult to catch in bulk orders. When there is a single order, the merchant can easily catch the fake buyers and not deliver.

Similarly, in the case of small deliveries, the merchant can prepare and package the orders according to the branding standards and deliver on time. Often in the case of bulk orders, there's a chance of packaging issues or tailor-made branding.

Another reason for no minimum commitment is seamless and organized shipping with easy tracking. A merchant can easily coordinate with the shipping company and keep track of the package in transit. Lastly, it also offers the fastest delivery advantage. But, we do recommend our merchants opt for personalized branding and labels while shipping as it will reduce the risk of loss in transit which is present even in single orders.

Shiptrix Shipment- A Self-Sustaining Ecosystem Eliminating Risks, Losses, and Barriers in Shipment

1. Create your Merchant Account

Merchant account is a must to access member's areas and your personalised dashboard. In less than two minutes, you can create your account on Shiptrix. With our training modules, anybody from a novice to a tech-savvy merchant can create an account and scale his business to new heights.

2. Integrate your website with Shiptrix

We intend to reduce the manual work of uploading and listing products on our website. With single API integration, your website will be synced with the software. It will automate the processes and save time in doing everything twice.

Intelligent Courier Selection
3. Choose your shipping partner

We have researched and created a diverse library of shipping partners. Our clients can review more than fifteen shipping partners in our data and shortlist the one they want to work with. Shiptrix also offers courier services and offers competitive rates, and we also have a PAN India presence.

4. Prepare and pack your order

After uploading the order and choosing the delivery partner, all you have to do is pack your orders. Then, our delivery agents will arrive to take the order.

5. Track your Order

Once the order is out for shipment, you can track the order at any time. We offer real-time live updates to our clients via email and SMS to keep them in the loop. By tracking the order, our clients can stay assured that the order will not be lost in transit and reach the destination on time.

Why rely on a single delivery company when you have multiple options? For example, bulk orders can be delivered on time by assigning them to multiple shipping channels. On the other hand, assigning a bulk order to a single company can delay orders due to multiple pin codes. Still, with multiple shipping agents, we can expect the fastest delivery leading to customer satisfaction.