Order Tracking
Order Tracking

Now let's discuss how the Order Tracking Process of Shiptrix Works:

Let's imagine Mr Kumar ordered on your website. Now how will you see the order tracking after you ship the order with a courier service?

  • Step-1:After you ship the order, the order will be assigned with a unique ID for the organisation to track the order at every point.
  • Step-2: You will also receive regular notifications about the orders and their status.
  • Step-3: Our backend customer care will conduct order confirmation and filter fake confirmations.
  • Step-4: If you feel the courier service is taking too long to pick the order from your pick up location (which is a very rare case), don't you worry, pick from the list of our best multiple courier partners.
  • Step-5: Once the order is in transit, you can get updates about the live status of the shipped order.
  • Step-6: Get an update when the order is delivered to the destination.

Does this sound like 'easier said than done'? Shiptrix makes impossible possible for its customers at all costs.

Shiptrix Pillars of Strength

1. Customer-oriented solutions

Each of our solutions has an essence of ‘customer welfare’ in it otherwise what is our use of establishing such an advanced model of shipping services? Shiptrix understands the value of your business and does deep-rooted research before giving the end solution to your questions and problems.

2. Strategically innovative solutions

Aiming to lay down data-driven solutions, Shiptrix's tends to eliminate client's pain points from its roots. A collaboration with Shiptrix can only give you a hassle-free, conductive and technology-driven environment for your platform to expand.

3. Customised Customer Care Service

Available 24X7, our team takes care of your business more than their health, we aren’t joking about this! Our experiences customer support is not among the ones who would forget you after you sign up with us. Holding your hand, they'll guide you step by step to ensure task fulfilment without any hurdles and discrepancies.

4. Think long term and out-of-the-box

Our solutions are not short-term, we aspire to generate an atmosphere where there's no word like negligence or unprofessional behaviour. Our end solutions take care of eliminating the wrongdoings in the future as well so as to ensure smooth business operations with only profits.

5. Achieve your benchmarks scaling them even highs

Like we mentioned about, we take care of your business more than anything or even you. We thrive to ensure premium quality services and no regrets. Practice the joy of profits and a positive change by achieving and further setting your benchmarks at higher positions along with Shiptrix.