Why Choose Shiptrix for Shipping Solutions ?

Our dynamic solution to integrate, manage and ship your orders

Single API Integration
1. Single API Integration

Let's bring multiple orders and vendors under one roof. We believe in minimal efforts with smart solutions. That's why with a single API, we intend to integrate multiple orders. Merchants can easily keep a tab on multiple orders from multiple sources, shipping carts and sites. Apart from E-commerce integration, we will integrate with shipping merchants as well to ensure smooth shipment. It will reduce the paperwork and clerical errors that happen at the time of manual record keeping. Our merchants will have an organized, transparent and automated back-end support system.

2. Complete and Free Set-up

Merchants often shy away from automated cloud-based management due to a lack of technical know-how. Shiptrix is a simple ready to launch solution that can be operated without any superpower. It is simple, straightforward and quick. You can set up your merchant's account in less than two minutes and integrate your website with the CRM. There is no need to upload everything on our system again because our single API integration will do it for you. We have created set-up tutorials that will help in step-by-step setting up the account easily and quickly.

Complete and Free Set-up
Diverse Carrier Library
3. Diverse Carrier Library

Shiptrix itself is a delivery partner offering seamless shipping services in India. Apart from Shiptrix, we have curated a diverse library of delivery partners based on their geographical preference, performance and availability. You can ship multiple orders to a single location via multiple channel partners, or you can ship multiple orders via the same delivery partners. We give you leverage to choose your carrier partner based on your experience. However, with Shiptrix, you get competitive pricing and plans that are decided to keep the merchant's business in mind.

4. PAN India Presence

Another reason to use Shiptrix Shipping Services is our PAN India Presence. A major pain point of merchants is the increased RTO rate. Uncertainty in delivery, product loss in transit, negligence on the part of the delivery agent not only results in increased RTO rate, but an increase in consumer complaints and dissatisfaction can hamper the goodwill of the merchant and business. With our PAN India presence, we ensure hassle-free and timely delivery even in remote districts and villages. In addition, our wide network of delivery agents are spread across the country, and customer support alerts them with change in the delivery address or nearby location. Therefore, we can assure a reduction in the RTO rate by 20-25%.

PAN India Presence
Automated Order Management
5. Automated Order Management

Sync and manage all your orders under one roof. The single API integration syncs all the processes such as order management, inventory and shipment in our cloud-based CRM that makes order management automated. Merchants can now easily check the order status of multiple orders in their personalized dashboard, plan shipping according to the inventory and increase sales as well. Our CRM is ideal for merchants with single and multiple products planning to transition from offline to online selling. The automated systems will remove clerical errors, and the dashboard will show the present status, fresh leads, orders in transit, etc.

6. End-to-end Live Tracking

Know the order status at every step at every mile. The idea behind real-time tracking is to gauge whether the order is on time and in the right direction or not. In case of delay in delivery or orders lost in transit, live tracking at every mile will highlight where the order went missing or the package's exact location. Accordingly, the merchant can decide the next appropriate step and guide the customer care to deliver the message to the delivery agent. It will reduce the RTO rate, and the end-consumer will also be relaxed when the order reaches on time.

End-to-end Live Tracking
Smart Personalized Dashboard
7. Smart Personalized Dashboard

Track every transaction on your personalized dashboard. A quick summary on the top will give the daily updates of the orders. Apart from the quick review, your dashboard will give a detailed analysis and reporting on the shipping transactions. In short, you don't have to retrieve records from multiple software assigned for various clients. With one software, you can keep a tap on multiple clients, orders and inventory. Imagine the time saved on manual assessment and tracking of daily transactions.

8. Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Get factual, detailed reporting and analysis of your business. From weekly to annual reports, comprehensive overview and trend analysis, you can basically do business forecasts with our reporting system. In addition, the AI-enabled reporting system is available on order management, shipping history, stock management, etc. The automated reports are simple to understand and will help the merchants reduce variable expenses, make better decisions and choose an ideal delivery channel.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis
Quick Label Creation
9. Quick Label Creation

Branded Shipping will help you personalize the shipment orders and create a better customer experience. Label creation and receipts by our software will help reduce the time and effort spent preparing the order. It is also one of the reasons for the delay in order as the package gets delayed in the godown. With our quick label creation, you can rebrand your business and reduce the time spent in the warehouse. Now you can bid adieu to tedious copy and paste as Shiptrix will do that for you.

10. Dynamic Customer Support

A strong back-end system is good for business and end-consumers. A well trained and experienced back-end will stay in touch with the delivery agent and keep them updated about the location or change in order. Thus, it will increase the efficiency of the delivery agents, and the orders will reach the customer on time and at the exact location. Apart from timely delivery, dynamic customer support can help reassign the returned orders, track shipment status, fake filter orders, and much more. Today, an e-commerce company can reduce most of its unnecessary expenses with the help of customer care services.

Dynamic Customer Support