"Shiptrix is a Shipment SaaS logistic Company passionate to take your Ecommerce Business to New Heights."
~ Roshan Bhatt, Founder Shiptrix

The inception of Shiptrix had its roots in the past when Mr. Roshan Bhatt commenced his Ecommerce Business. Being a novice in the industry, he understood the technicalities of order management, recording the inventory and keeping track of daily transactions. Even though he was efficient in handling operations, there were clerical errors, missed transactions and delayed shipments that weren't recorded. He felt that his team needs a self-sufficient system that eliminates erroneous transactions, fills the loopholes in the record-keeping and is easy to handle. Another challenge he faced was a lack of data to plan business strategies.

Mr. Roshan found a significant obstacle in the system and decided to create software that will mitigate the shipping and logistical woes of the merchant. Being a techno-savvy with an academic background in I.T., he gathered a team of technical masterminds, operational wizards and marketing maestros to start a Software as a Service-based logistic and shipping company.

Shiptrix officially came into existence in 2015 after a decade of strenuous hard work, trials and experimentation. The idea was to create a software that challenges the pain points and speed breakers of the merchants. We wanted to create innovative yet minimalistic software that can be used by technically equipped and novice merchants alike. Our software is a one-stop streamlined and innovative software where merchants can integrate, manage and operate multiple orders and shipping merchants.

Besides providing logistics solutions to track order management, shipping status, and inventory management, we also provide shipping solutions. With PAN India presence, a wide network of delivery agents and courier solutions beyond geographical barriers, we aim to reduce the RTO rate of the orders. Hence, our goal is to become undisputed web-based e-commerce and shipping leaders assisting merchants in business growth.

Ethos / Our Pillars
  • Innovation
  • Technical Advancements
  • Futuristic
  • Solutions - Oriented
Pillars - Ethos

We compete with ourselves and beat our innovation. We intend to deliver innovative yet simplistic solutions that your business needs for growth in times of bottle-neck competition.

Technical Advancement

Technology is the only thing that can scale your business worldwide. With upgraded and technically advanced solutions under one roof makes Ecommerce hassle-free. Innovation at its core, our innovative tools are known for their minimalistic application.


Our goal is to think ten years in advance and be prepared for the changing times. Our futuristic approach helps us forecast the demands and trends of our merchants and create innovative tools that are long-lasting.


We deliver solutions. Your pain points are the stepping stones towards new technical development and our personalized solutions will resolve logistical, demographic and operational challenges.


To create a seamless, organized and automated logistic ecosystem that overcomes geographical, operational and technological barriers faced by the merchants.


To assist E-commerce companies and online sellers develop an automated back-end system and provide seamless shipping services with our cutting-edge logistics software.